Hockey fans at a baseball game

My intent was to write all kinds of nice things about watching championship baseball and how I’ve always had a secret affinity for the Toronto Blue Jays. The reasons to like the team are numerous, but include how much I like the city of Toronto and Canada in general, as well as one of the […]

Royals upstage post-game show

A funny thing happened tonight. I went to Kauffman Stadium to watch a drone show and a baseball game broke out. The 15,470 fans on hand for the night’s festivities saw some amazing baseball on the part of the Royals, something not said much this season. Jordan Lyles walked off the mound at the end […]

I was just asking a question

Aug. 3, 1977 is noteworthy to many sports fans as the birthdate of Tom Brady. Being as how he was just being born and was in San Mateo, California, I know nothing about that. But I do remember that date vividly as it was the closest I ever came to any kind of physical threat […]


Last night, I was joined by about 18,000 other fans for a night a the “K.” Considering how the Royals have been playing and how many fans have been showing up, the announced crowd of 17,903 was pretty good for a Wednesday night. I would like to think that many were motivated, like me, to […]

What’s in a name?

The Royals game I was at over the weekend turned out well with the Royals finishing up a 6-4 win. On Sunday, they appeared to play one of their best games of the year topping the Dodgers 9-1, to claim a two-games-to one series victory. With the win Saturday night, I can brag the Royals […]

Let’s get acquainted

July 1, 2023 — I am in the press box of Kauffman Stadium waiting out what I hope is a short rain delay. (Turns out, it wasn’t short. The game slated for 6:15 didn’t start until 7:40 even though the rain came at 6:18 and lasted for less than 15 minutes.) The field sat empty […]