Friday Flicks: 'Warrior'


Grab a box of tissues, you’re likely going to need to wipe away some tears a little over two hours after this incredible movie begins.

This 2011 masterpiece which was nominated for an Academy Award is arguably one of the under the radar movies, especially in the 2010s. The MMA film is one of, if not the best combat sport movies since Rocky came out nearly 40 years ago.

Tom Hardy (Tommy Conlon) and Joel Edgerton (Brendan Conlon) give some of their best performances ever as estranged brothers of a broken family that’s the result of an alcoholic father (Paddy Conlon) played by Nick Nolte, who received as Oscar nomination for best supporting actor.

Leaving the mixed martial arts aside, the drama is real in this movie, and it drives the plot. Neither son wants to be around their father, but their family history is heartbreaking at times but quite understandable.

Add in some tremendous fight scenes, and everything you need for one of the best sports movies ever is all there.

I won’t spoil anything, but the end of this movie is one of my favorite endings. Once the music cues up, you’ll understand. I often listen to the song on Spotify, and you might too after watching the movie.

Gavin O’Connor directed another great movie here, and once again uses music at the end of film to bring out emotion. He’s also directed “The Accountant” and “Miracle.”

“Warrior” is on Netflix. Go check it out. You won’t regret it.