Pleasant Hill boil advisory lifted


As of 1 p.m. today, the city of Pleasant Hill has lifted the boil advisory that began Thursday.

The city posted on social media that the advisory has been lifted, saying “The boil water advisory has been lifted for City of Pleasant Hill and the Cass County Public Water Supply District #1 water customers, with the exception of those addresses listed below. All sample test results were returned showing no signs of contamination. Water is safe for consumption.

“The addresses remaining under a boil water advisory include: 1200 E 58 Hwy, 720 Cardinal Rd, 722 Cardinal Rd, Pleasant Hill, Missouri. Repairs continue on the water lines which experienced a break on Wednesday, June 5, and Thursday, June 6, 2024 located near 617 Main Street and also at 106 Veteran’s Parkway.  The City has made direct contact with these customers.”

The Department of Natural Resources and the city of Pleasant Hill are still reminding water customers to flush residential lines prior to consumption. They are also advising to remove and clean faucet aerators, run the cold water tap for three to five minutes or until the water is clear, place the aerator back on the faucet, flush the water dispenser for three to five minutes and throw away any ice made from the ice maker.

See a full story on the water issues in Thursday’s edition of the Tribune and Times.