Crime roundup: Cases await court dates, charges

Pleasant Hill robbery – first reported in the April 13 edition

Bonnie Gooch, the 78-year old woman who is alleged to have robbed Goppert Bank in Pleasant Hill back in April, is still in the Cass County Jail with a $25,000 cash only bond. She entered a not guilty plea at her April 17 arraignment. Gooch has since been assigned a public defender and was scheduled to appear in court before Judge James Eftink on May 10.

Peculiar chop shop – first reported in the April 13 edition

Darren Prendergast, 36, and Dakota Prendergast, 32, are both currently out on a $25,000 cash only bond and a $15,000 bond with a 10 percent cash requirement, respectively.

The couple was arrested April 7 after deputies executed a search warrant and found multiple stolen vehicles on a property located on a dead end road a few miles south of Peculiar.

Darren Prendergast pleaded not guilty during his April 10 arraignment. He is scheduled to be seen by Judge James Eftink on June 14. Dakota Prendergast is scheduled for arraignment in front of Eftink on May 31.

Sunday slaying of Alyssa Jordan – first reported in the April 20 edition

Christopher Marshall, 49, of Peculiar is still in custody with murder charges and a $500,000 cash only bond. Marshall was arrested after law enforcement discovered Marshall’s girlfriend, Alyssa Jordan, dead with a major gunshot wound to the left side of her head and face.

Marshall pleaded not guilty in front of Judge J. Michael Rumley on April 17. Marshall was scheduled to be seen by Judge James Eftink on May 10.

Fatal shooting of Bernard Homer Putis III – first reported in the April 27 edition

Bernard Homer Putis, 72, of Peculiar has yet to receive any formal charges regarding a fatal shooting which reportedly took place at his home on Peculiar Drive. Putis was initially jailed with pending murder charges, but was released without formal charges.

The deceased was later identified by authorities as his son, Bernard Homer Putis III, 41, of Peculiar.

This shooting is still under investigation, according to the Peculiar Police Department.

Officer assaulted at prom, assailant may be tried as an adult – first reported May 4

A Harrisonville police officer was assaulted during prom April 29. The officer was allegedly attacked by a visitor after informing him he would not be allowed to wear a ski mask at the dance.

The officer was hospitalized and was later released.

The assailant is a minor and his name has not yet been released. The case is being reviewed to determine whether or not this teenager will be charged and tried as an adult or as a juvenile.