Couple celebrates 75th anniversary

Aug. 4 was designated Charles and Ida Myers Day in Harrisonville via a proclamation by Mayor Judy Bowman. The date was significant to the Myers as it was their 75th wedding anniversary.

By Christopher Tenpenny

“I keep a close watch on this heart of mine. I keep my eyes wide open all the time. I keep the ends out for the tie that binds. Because she’s mine, I walk the line.”

Charles Myers, 94, sang the famous Johnny Cash lyrics while sitting next to his wife, Ida, 92, as the couple celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary Aug. 4 in Harrisonville.

A marriage celebrating 75 years of marriage is so rare, the United States Census Bureau does not keep track of them.

“Our secret is the great love we have for one another and the trust we have for one another,” Ida Myer’s said.

The couple married in 1946 after Charles Myers returned home from the Navy and World War II. The two had known each other prior to his deployment but never really dated until after Charles returned. It did not take long for the couple to be wed.

“He went in the Navy when he was 17 and I was 15. We wrote letters back and forth. He came back two years later in May and we got married in August.” Ida Myers said.

It was not always easy for the young couple as the two spent the first few years living with relatives before getting an apartment in the Kansas City area.

The two traveled across the country as Charles worked and Ida as a dedicated homemaker with their five kids They traveled to Florida, Virginia, as well as other states.

“It wasn’t a boring marriage,” Ida Myers said. “We put up with our kids and they put up with us. We also put up with each other.”

Throughout their marriage the Myers have found time to participate in social, church and civic organizations.

Originally from Kansas City, the couple has lived in Harrisonville since 2002 and have been dedicated members of the Faith Baptist Church.

In honor of their 75-wedding anniversary, the city of Harrisonville had a special gift for the Myers. Mayor Judy Bowman delivered a proclamation and declared Aug. 4 Charles and Ida Myers’s Day in Harrisonville.

“It was very special for the both of us,” Ida Myers said. “We’ve been very blessed.”

With 75 years of marriage also comes 75 years of anniversaries. The couple has celebrated in various ways throughout their marriage from limousine rides, to a Caribbean Cruise and even a few surprise parties. This year though, the couple celebrated with a simple dinner at The 1886 in Harrisonville with two of their daughters and one of their nephews.