Words for graduates to remember

By Dennis Minich

It being May, we would normally be heading into graduation season. During the course of the next four weeks, seniors at all of the area high schools would be parading down aisles to receive their richly deserved diplomas. But like most everything else the Coronavirus pandemic has affected, graduations have been delayed or cancelled. Because of the delays, some seniors might not be available by the time rescheduled events transpire this summer.

While I cannot replace the tones of “Pomp and Circumstance,” or the official ceremonies, time with family or actual diplomas, I thought I could try to do my part to help area students enjoy part of the occasion they may miss – the commencement speech. Sometimes presented by the valedictorian, sometimes by the class president and sometimes by some random student, there are themes these speeches contain, so feel free to take this presentation, fill in the blanks and enjoy at least part of the commencement experience.

Dear Friends, we stand here today as the graduating class of (insert name of
school) of 2020. The road to this point has been an adventure for all of us. I am sure most of us who started kindergarten here can remember those first days with (insert name of kindergarten teacher) who taught us about (insert things he or she taught.) We remember seeing the older kids and imagined what it would be like to be them. We have lived through a lot. We have had great moments like (insert great moment) and some tribulations (name tribulation). We’ve seen the good (name something good) and bad
(name something bad). But through it all, we have always braced ourselves with (insert school mascot name)’s pride and persevered.

I think it was (name of someone famous) who said, (insert famous quote). We, the class of 2020 of (insert school name) maybe now can see and under-
stand what (name of someone famous used earlier) was saying.

Remember when (name of teacher) said (what they said), but then (name
something that happened) happened and we all thought it was so funny. Or the day during the announcements that (name of person doing announcements) said (something they said): we knew that was something we would always remember.

Maybe one of the greatest accomplishments we can all take pride in is the day we (name of something you all can take some pride in). It was fantastic and we got to share it.

Walking the halls of (name of school), we never knew how we would feel when this special day happened. But here we are on (insert date), the final day we will all ever assemble as friends and classmates of (insert name of school here). Some of us will be leaving for college, others are going into trades, some will enter the military while others will work.

But then there will be (insert name of random student) who will spend the next few weeks just deciding what color socks he wants to wear. Just kidding (insert first name of used random student.)

That is one of the great things about being a (insert name of school mascot) is we know how to tease one another, but still know we are there to help, support and love each and every one of our classmates.

There are so many things we shared while here at (insert name of school.) Remember how we all hated when the cafeteria was serving (insert any food you like because all cafeteria food is bad). Remember when Coach (insert a coach’s name here) made all of us (insert unpopular activity.) We hated it at the time, but it drew us closer together and we learned what it really meant to be a (insert name of school mascot.) We will always re-
member Coach (insert name of coach mentioned earlier) and what that day
meant, whether we want to or not.

So, this is it. We are done unless you have a note from (insert name of school librarian) saying you still have book fines to pay. After I am finished, we will walk up front, one at a time and (insert name of person reading names) will read our name and tell us we are graduates of (insert name of school).

There will be tears, there will be smiles, there will be high fives, there will be parents simply glad we will be getting out of the house.

There will come a time, I don’t know when and I don’t know where, but we
will see something or hear something or maybe smell something and our mind will wander back to (insert name of school here) and it will bring a smile to our face.

So now it is on the next chapter of our lives.


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