Races set for municipal elections

Filings for the April 7 Municipal Elections closed Jan. 21 and there was one change in the Harrisonville city filings during the last week.

Ward 4 candidate Brian Pulliam withdrew from the race, but former alderman Larry Snider filed for the position. Snider will face incumbent Matt Turner for the seat.

Only one other seat in Harrisonville will be contested with Sandy Franklin running against incumbent David Dickerson for the Ward 3 seat. The other two races are uncontested with incumbent Judy Reece running unopposed in Ward 2 and Mike Zaring has filed for the empty Ward 1 seat.

Garden City will elect a mayor, four aldermen and a tax collector this year. Mayoral candidates are Daniel Cantrell, incumbent; Alvin Poisol and Marc Walton.

Candidate for the West Ward two-year term is Shannon Leslie, the incumbent, while Jerry Wallander is the candidate for the West Ward one-year term. Chris Moretine, incumbent, will run for East Ward two-year term, and Daniel Straasburg for East Ward one-year term. Linda Mueller will run for the city’s tax collector office as an incumbent.

In Archie, Mark Howchen and David Thurman are running for the East Ward alderman’s seat while William Andrew Mawson is running for the West Ward alderman’s seat. Howchen and Mawson are the incumbents in the race.

In Freeman, Doug Eberle is the incumbent candidate for mayor and Don Driggs is the incumbent for West Ward alderman. Hunter Oakes is the candidate for East Ward alderman.

Peculiar will also elect a new mayor as incumbent Holly Stark will not be seeking re-election.

Candidates for mayor are Mike Gallagher and Jeff Harlan. Tom Broadhurst, incumbent, and Shawn Austin are vying for Ward 1 alderman; Doug Stark for Ward 2 alderman; and Philip Costanzo and Matt Hammack for Ward 3 alderman.

In Cleveland, all candidates are incumbents seeking re-election. They include Jeff McKee for mayor, B. Dawn Hemenway for North Ward alderman, Raymond (Bill) Hull for South Ward alderman, and Martha McKee for Third Ward alderman.

In Drexel, Donna Clayton Crawford and Jim Harris are running for the two-year alderman-at-large position. No one filed for the one-year at-large seat.

In Lake Annette, three residents, Pete Hart, Edna Burns and Kara Hodges are running for the two aldermen at-large positions. Burns and Hodges are the incumbents.

In school board races, Raymore-Peculiar School District has a total of seven people vying for three positions on the board. Candidates are Ruth Johnson, Kim York, Precious Ali, Susan Edmondsond, and Thomas Walsh of Raymore, Paul Coffman of Peculiar, and Shauna Stephanchick of Lee’s Summit. Johnson, York and Coffman are the incumbents.

Harrisonville is also seeking to fill three seats on the board. Candidates are Nancy Shelton, Chris Bell, Bing Schimmelpfenning and Cameron Chenowith.

Incumbents are Shelton, Bell and Schimmelpfenning.

In Sherwood School District, Ben Jones, Chuck Kagarice, Gary Jones and Kyle Evans are seeking one of three seats on the board. In addition, Joe Kelsay is running to win a one-year term on the board.

Candidates for the Archie School Board are April Clark, Ryan Grimes and Julie Smith, all incumbents.

In Drexel, school board candidates are Leah Martin and Jennifer Thomas, incumbents, plus Andrea Harris and Andy Gorsage.

Candidates in the Midway School District are William Michael Stephens, Rex A. Eckhoff, John H. Stewart, Christopher Lee Wunder and Stephanie Leigh Owens.

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