Two aldermen headed to court

By Dennis Minich

Harrisonville Alderman Brad Bockelman is suing fellow Alderman Clint Long, claiming a breach of contract and unjust enrichment.

According the petition which was filed in the Cass County Circuit Clerk’s office Jan. 22, Bockelman alleges Long, with his wife, Rebecca, borrowed $25,000 on Sept. 5, 2017 and agreed to repay the loan with 5 percent interest before Jan. 5, 2018. Since that time, the Longs have been said to have only repaid $12,000 on Oct. 15, 2018.

Bockelman is seeking the $13,000 remaining principal along with interest totaling $1,710.28, and additional interest of $1.78 per day until the loan is paid in full. The petition also asks for attorneys’ fees.

Bockelman is being represented by Daniel J. Haus, an attorney from Belton.

Neither Bockelman nor Long could be reached for comment.

Bockelman and Long have served together as Harrisonville aldermen for three years. The two have been considered political allies, both siding with Mayor Brian Hasek on most issues.

Long’s term expires in April, while Bockelman has one year remaining in his term.

Long had filed for re-election and was scheduled to face off against former mayor Bill Mills and Clint Miller. Miller filed for election Jan. 15, the last day of filing. After the filing deadline had passed, Long petitioned the Cass County Circuit Clerk’s office to have his name withdrawn from the ballot. That order was signed by Judge William Collins.

Recently, Long said he had withdrawn because of family health issues, although others had questioned his eligibility, saying his personal property taxes for 2018 had not been paid by the filing deadline. Although the County Clerk’s records indicated those taxes had not been paid, no one had determined Long was ineligible, as city and county election officials said it was not in their purview to make such determinations.

There had been no reported complaints to the state.

The lawsuit is scheduled to be heard in Division III court April 1 with Judge Stacey Lett presiding.

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