Two hospitalized at Dogwood Energy Facility 

PLEASANT HILL — Area residents reported hearing a sound of what they believed to be an explosion today at the Dogwood Energy Facility near Pleasant Hill. 

Plant Manager Steven Hilger spoke briefly with the Tribune and Times this afternoon about the incident.

“There were no fatalities,” Hilger said.

Two contractor employees at the Dogwood Energy Facility were transported to a hospital “on a precautionary basis” after what management is calling a “health and safety incident” this morning, according to a release provided by Hilger, which also stated “there was an isolated incident where an access door was inadvertently opened under pressure.” 

“Dogwood staff are investigating the contributing factors that led to the incident. There are no resulting concerns or threats to the Facility personnel or the public,” states the release. 

Hilger did not divulge the nature or cause of the sound, nor the status of the employees.


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