Prom assault suspect hearing will be later today

It is expected that the juvenile accused of assaulting a police officer at the Harrisonville prom Saturday night will
be in court today to determine if he should be tried as an adult. The hearing is scheduled in the juvenile center at
1:30 p.m.
The assault occurred when School Resource Officer Scott Ramsey was escorting the suspect off the property at the
Beck Event Space where the prom was being held. The suspect had become upset when he was not allowed to put on
a ski mask during the party.
He allegedly assaulted Ramsey and hit him numerous times before being stopped by other adults on site. A school
district employee was also reportedly injured.
Ramsey was taken to Cass Regional Medical Center and held overnight.
The Cass County Prosecutor said it was up to the juvenile office to make recommendations on seeking the adult
status. If that determination is made, the prosecutor’s office will determine what charges may be filed. It is not
known when the judge might make a ruling.
We will continue to follow and update this story as details develop.