Minich: Super Bowl won’t disrupt festive holiday season

The Super Bowl on Sunday falls at just the perfect time. Had it come a little earlier or a little later it would have been overshadowed by one of the three major holidays which fall in February. You would think with just 28 days (and each leap year 29) there couldn’t possibly  be three major holidays, or as I refer to them, the triple crown of winter holidays.

Of course first, as we all know, is Groundhog Day. I don’t know about you, but I always stress out when it comes to this holiday because it is just so doggone festive. Between getting the presents wrapped, preparing the traditional meal, which of course has to include oatmeal and brussels sprouts, and preparing for the holiday carolers, it can be a stressful period. I was a little worried because many of the stores were already out of woodchuck candies and stuffed animals before I got my shopping done.

But Whisker Phil seemed to complete his worldwide rounds on Groundhog Day Eve so it set up for a beautiful day. But like every other year, the main memories come on Groundhog Day evening when you gather by the fire and tell stories of all the great celebrations of the past.

I will skip the second leg of the triple crown for the moment because I want to talk about the one that really keeps me up at night: President’s Day. It seems like every year it gets harder and harder to find the proper decorations. It must be supply chain issues because I haven’t been able to find a single John Adams Chia Pet or a pin-the-tail-on-Millard Fillmore poster this year.

I also think some cancelling has been going on because on all of my musical devices I haven’t been able to find a single song on the best holiday album, “Calvin Coolidge: The Greatest Opera Collection.” I mean a few years ago you couldn’t turn on any radio station or go through any stores without hearing Cal’s voice booming in that deep baritone.

Of course getting the President’s Day tree properly decorated is always a chore, but it is worth it, because at the end of the day you know you get to sit down and enjoy the holiday meal, which, in my opinion is not complete without the traditional lima bean and tapioca casserole. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Sadly, between these two festive days, there is that other one, which shrinks in comparison with it’s more-festive month mates: Valentine’s Day. When I was very young, I thought it was a big deal because all of the kids in my class would give me cards telling me they wanted me to be their Valentine.

It seemed odd, because I didn’t like most of the kids in my class and I assume the feeling was mutual. So one day we might be out on the playground beating the snot out of each other (and I will tell you, some of those girls were tough), but the next day we are trading cards pledging our eternal admiration.

The sad part about Valentine’s Day is they have totally lost the initial meaning of the holiday and just turned it into a over-commercialized, money-grabbing event, much like they have Arbor Day. OK, so you have candy in red boxes, big deal. Which by the way, what I like about Valentine’s Day is they finally sell all those odd-shaped boxes of candy and replace it with the good stuff: Easter candy.

But have you ever noticed, after Easter there aren’t any good candy holidays until you get to Halloween? What’s up with that? Can’t we find some festive candy colors for maybe flag day? I’m just saying, that’s a long time without a good reason to buy chocolate.

Anyway, all kinds of people are trying to get you to spend money for Valentine’s Day, but fortunately, I have been blessed with some wonderful women in my life who share my disdain for the holiday. Leslie has repeatedly told me she really wants nothing for Valentine’s Day, I think her exact words were “You better not give me any candy for Valentine’s Day.” I believe that frees me from any obligations.

So of course, we will joyfully observe the holiday traditionally, a fancy night out for dinner at Cracker Barrel and an evening of eight episodes of “Two and a Half Men” because I know how much Leslie loves that. She really doesn’t want much because she knows the real fun comes the following Monday when we bring out the left-over eggnog to salute the great men who have led our country: Warren G. Harding, William Henry Harrison, Jimmy Carter, James K. Polk and Rutherford B. Hayes.


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