Fifth grader governs for day

Even though he is just 11, Cameron Grocott knew he had a special job, serving as the City of Peculiar’s mayor May 18. Having his name picked in a drawing, the fifth grader at Peculiar Elementary School was chosen to represent his school, getting a first-hand look at what it takes to run city hall.

“Cameron did a walk-thon and for every dollar amount he earned at the walk-a-thon he got his name put in the drawing, I just couldn’t believe it when his name was pulled,” Cameron’s mother, Crystal Grocott, said. “When it first came up and he learned that he won he immediately started going through all the different things he wanted to do and fix as mayor.

“He wanted to lower gas prices, have no school, of course, then it was eliminating college debt so that college could be free. He was up all night studying the things he wanted to do as mayor.”

As Grocott went over his meeting’s agenda with City Administrator Mickey Ary, his family watched from the other room with members of his security team which included police Sgt. Rick Clausing and Police Chief Don Shepherd.

“I want Cameron to know what each department does and how it affects our city,” his mother said. “It’s an amazing experience to be able to give him an overall view of what it takes for the city to run daily. He really likes to debate things, he likes to be the boss, so maybe he’ll discover that politics is his thing. I’d like to just thank everybody for this opportunity. This was really amazing.”

As part of his mayoral duties, Grocott led a mock board of aldermen meeting.

During the meeting, Grocott enacted an ordinance mandating Huskies be the official city pet and two resolutions, granting students an additional 30 minutes for recess and that Pizza Hut pizza be served at school for the remainder of the school year.

Grocott was given opportunities to call for votes, pass motions, answer questions about his resolutions and read two proclamations, one about Public Works Week and the other about him being mayor for the day.

“Certainly, we want to thank Mayor (Doug) Stark for his assistance in helping you serve as mayor for a day,” Ary said. “The only thing I have to comment on is the city is doing well and we are looking forward to serving alongside you, we’re also looking forward to some punch and cookies with you today. After a brief snack break and ceremony, Grocott reinstated
Stark as mayor before riding in his mayoral motorcade which delivered him in style back to Peculiar Elementary School.