New legislative districts approved

A final plan for the 163 seats in the Missouri House of Representatives was presented by the House Independent Bipartisan Commission last week.

Under the plan, Cass County will be represented by three state representatives. Two of the districts are solely in Cass County, while the third will be about equally split between Cass and Bates counties.

The 55th District will include Harrisonville and Pleasant Hill and will go west to the Raymore city line and east to the county line including Strasburg and Gunn City. The 56th District is being redrawn and will include the cities of Belton and Raymore.

The major change in the 62nd District, will take up parts of four previous districts. It starts on the north at the county line on the north, west of Belton then expands to include the entire county south of Harrisonville, then continues south into Bates County, including both Adrian and Amsterdam.

Butler will be in the 125th District, which includes the remainder of Bates County, along with all of Vernon County and a part of Cedar County.

Rep. Mike Haffner lives and serves in what is now the 55th District. Rep. Michael Davis currently serves in the 56th District, but his home is no longer in the district. He will have one year to move into the district or to choose to run in his new district.

Davis’ district currently includes part of the redrawn 62nd. Another incumbent of the district, Patricia Pike, Adrian, is in her final term because of term limits.

Districts were redrawn to reflect results of the 2020 census.