Time to make Christmas memories

By Dennis Minich

I know that like it was for me, it may come as a shock to many of you, that Saturday is Christmas, I mean, Seriously, where did this come from. Had I known it was approaching, I might have spent some time shopping and picking up things and planning a meal or some of the other things I normally do around the holiday. But no one warned me. It might have been nice if they had put it on a calendar or something.

In reality, it does seem like the time has really flown, but it has been a wonderful holiday season. I really don’t mind that the weather has been more like April than December, that is a definite plus. I also don’t mind there wasn’t a lot of the “Black Friday” hoopla like normal, it was kind of nice things were spread out. I’ve got to enjoy many festive events and see people ringing in the holidays, there is a quiet happiness that often seems lacking.

I have had one serious issue. Apparently, the flour and sugar and other ingredients I have been using to make cookies must be defective this year. I can’t think of any other way to explain how I could have made about 10 dozen cookies, and I have less than a couple dozen left. There’s nobody around most of the time except my fiancé, Leslie, and me. I haven’t been pigging out on cookies so that leaves Leslie, but she has assured me she hasn’t been eating my cookies, and I certainly don’t think she would lie to me about something like that. I have noticed a lot of empty milk glasses around the house, but that just may be a coincidence. If anyone else has been having problems with defective cookie ingredients, please let me know.

I had another issue. Thinking like of those wise frugal folks, I purchased a new Christmas tree on Dec. 26 las year. That half-price sale on the leftover decoration seemed like a great idea. What I did not anticipate was moving before this year’s holiday. I eagerly took my brand-new six-foot tree out of the box, only to find that in the new house with a higher ceiling, the tree looked like half was missing. So off to the store I went and got an even taller tree. I will admit it is beautiful and festive, but not quite the bargain I had hoped for.

I will be honest, when it comes to Christmas, I am forever a little kid. Whether it’s the TV specials, or the tunes playing in the stores, or the ugly sweaters folks wear to adorn themselves, I always get pretty giddy this time of year. I guess part of it is because I have such wonderful memories. When I was a child, I know there were times my parents struggle to make ends meet. But Christmas was always special, and I don’t remember the things i may have wanted and didn’t get, but I can certainly remember some things I did get. I can remember my brothers and sister, with their families in tow, crowding into my parents’ small house. We didn’t have a lot of room, but we had enough.

My mom was a terrific cook, so for weeks the house smelled of cookies, pies, fudge and ham and turkey and everything else that filled your tummy with joy. I remember years with snow, I remember years where we had to open the doors and windows to not sweat to death. But it didn’t member. Even as I grew older, Christmas memories were still special. For as much as I loved Christmas as a child, it was even better when I became a dad. Christmas Eve’s was usually a challenge. My son, Derek, had an inability to go to sleep which taught me patience. Once he was asleep, I got to study diagrams and instructions which helped me develop skills in engineering.

The look on my son’s face on Christmas morning made up for every lost minute of sleep.

Recently my life has changed. I have a beautiful fiancé and get to share the joys of Christmas with her and her family, including a three-year-old granddaughter. I will get to be with them for Christmas. Derek will be home. I will get to gather with the rest of my family. I look forward to the memories we will make.