Parents warned of school threat

Students attending Sherwood High School noticed an increased police presence Tuesday as Cass County Sheriff’s deputies were on hand after a potential threat was identified Monday night.

According to Sherwood Superintendent Steve Ritter, families were notified by email of a potential threat late Monday evening.

Ritter said Tuesday afternoon, “This was ultimately a disagreement between two students on social media that expanded into something it never should have. The police have not found an ongoing threats against the school at this time. I think we’ll be fine.”

Due to low student attendance Tuesday, after-school activities including a boys and girls basketball double-header against Butler were postponed.

“We didn’t plan on canceling anything nor were we recommended to, but there was just a very low turnout today with everything going on,” Ritter said. “We will still play those games (at a future date) but, for now this is something we have to handle with care.”

In the Monday night email, Ritter stressed the importance of staying calm.

“We understand that some families may be hesitant to send their children to school knowing this information, but we believe it is more important for you to make an informed decision by sharing what we know,” he said. “Thank you to the students, parents and staff that shared concerns with us. We will continue to monitor the situation in partnership with the Cass County Sheriff’s Office.”

No further disruptions were expected at the school, according to Ritter.