Enjoying the three Gs of May

By Dennis Minich

We are now in the midst of the merry, merry month of May and it is time to celebrate the three Gs of the season, green, garage sales and graduations.

I am actually quite excited about the greens: grass, trees and all of the other foliage which springs to life as spring’s sun and rains renew the life cycle.

I think in winter, more than the cold and snow and other discomforts, it is the lack of color which makes the season miserable. Trees are leafless, grass is brown and often gray skies just create a monotone palette. But as spring arrives, that all changes and the world takes on the glorious hue complete with flowers, birds and a sense of revitalization. With the brilliance of each day, even simple chores become a wonderful opportunity to get out and enjoy some sunshine.

I will note that a common complaint in these parts is we have no spring. It goes straight from cold to hot with little time to enjoy nature’s turn. And while it looked like that might be the case this year, the early heat gave way to cooler temps and in 2021 we are actually having a full-blown springtime.

Normally, one of my least popular of the three Gs, is the garage sales. I don’t think I appreciate the art and craft which goes into finding things no longer of value and placing a value on them and then selling them to others. Oftentimes the citywide garage sale has been a time I have headed out of town or found some excuse to hunker down at home. A few times I have been out as a buyer, but while some folks can spot a bargain, I tend to spot junk. Rarely do my buys earn a seal of approval from virtually anyone.

This year was different. I, along with my best gal, Leslie, wrangled up a garage full of junk, I mean treasures, which we unselfishly and willingly shared with the public at the most modest of monetary demands. At first, we had few takers and my fear was everything we had brought up was going to have go back down. But instead, we found some buyers and I think it was a mutually beneficial day for all. I know I had fun and I think some people appreciated what we had.

Then, just to be totally different, we boxed up a bunch of the small stuff and enjoyed a day at Junk in the Trunk on the square. Again, I have attended in the past as a buyer, but this was my first attempt at selling. I had so much fun, I told Leslie we should do it again. She said absolutely not. We won’t be doing it again, but I will attend the next and probably find some great artifacts to bring home and enjoy.

The final G is for graduations. I attended the first in the area Sunday, Archie High School. Ironically, Archie was the last commencement last year and I remember it being hot and uncomfortable. Sunday it was unseasonably cool, windy and somewhat uncomfortable. But none of that mattered for the graduates and the friends and family in attendance who I am sure will remember the rest of their lives what a wonderful day it was.

Even though I hear “Pomp and Circumstance” about six times each spring, it still brings a tingle to my spine as I can’t help but remember back to my own graduation, which occurred somewhere between the stone and bronze ages. So many details of the night are etched firmly into my mind. When they say you will never forget, it is true.

Graduation has a special meaning for me this year. My son, Derek, will be graduating tomorrow with an MBA from Missouri State University. To say I am proud is an understatement. I have enough nightmares about what it took to get a bachelor’s degree, I can’t image a master’s. And while I know it was challenging, he just kept his head down and worked his way through it. It was hard to go back and change course like he did, his bachelor’s degree was in music education, but he did it, he succeeded and I have no doubt great things are in his future.