Brief warm up provides respite

I was reminded this week of a story that a man I used to work with would tell. He was from Montana and was asked what people did in the summer. He said, “If it comes on the weekend we went outside and enjoyed it. If it came during the week, we just had to go to work.”

I felt that way early this week when the Arctic icebox which had been pounding us gave way to sunshine and warmer temps. I had all kinds of plans for when it warmed up, but it came on a Tuesday, so I had to work. Hopefully there will be some warmer days in the future when I can actually enjoy them.

One of the nice things about the recent weather was I got my first chance to use my new snowblower. Actually, it is not new, just new to me, but anyway the snow allowed me to fire it up and give it a go.

Since it is battery powered the I think blow would be excessive. It did pick up the snow and kind of pop it up in the air, but most of it landed right back on the machine. When it warmed up, the snow melted and I was able to take the battery out. I think I now know why I got such a good deal on it.

I was out some Monday when it was warmer and had the windows down on my car. One of my favorite tunes came on the radio, so I turned up the volume to rock out. As is often the case when you have the speakers pounding, I stopped at a stoplight. I looked in the lane next to me and there was an older woman looking at me. This has happened before and usually the older lady gives me a look of disgust. This time however, she started nodding her head with the music. Suddenly I realized I now listen to old-people’s music because apparently, I am an old people. And I may not be blasting my music because of desire, but because I need it loud to hear it. Reality really bites sometimes.

I am happy to say I was able to get a COVID vaccination a couple weeks back. Like has been noted by others, the job Cass Regional Medical Center has done to keep the lines moving was remarkable. I unfortunately, was one of those people who had some side effects, including aches and chills.

However, I did not feel like my genetic makeup had changed, I don’t think I mutated nor do I suddenly feel as if Bill Gates has tracking chips in my bloodstream, all of which I had been warned of. Maybe I just got the wrong shot. I am looking forward to shot No. 2.

We are quickly closing in on the one-year anniversary of the sudden COVID lockdowns. About 12 months ago we were still mostly ignorant of what the disease could do. One of the last activities I remember enjoying was participating in the Jerry Tabb Memorial Monopoly Tournament.

The annual event is a fundraiser for the Cass Career Center and is organized by David Coffelt and held at the career center. I competed each of the past two years and haven’t won, nor come in last, both of which are rewarded, but have enjoyed myself.

This year would have been the eighth annual event, but has been cancelled because of COVID. I bring this up because while the tournament is not being held, Monopoly spaces are being sold to continue the scholarship program.

Businesses can buy a square and will be awarded their property deed. We are excited to be one of the participating sponsors, and like so many other things, look forward to getting back to the real game next year.

My final note: it you get the opportunity, get a COVID vaccination, but regardless, please wear a mask.