New auditor on job

By Chance Chamberlain

Newly appointed Cass County Auditor Jeremy Benson is still finding his footing after taking office Jan. 4. Benson was appointed by Gov. Mike Parson to replace Rick Brattin who was elected to the State Senate.

Benson said, “Right now, there isn’t a lot on my list because I’m still getting settled into things here in the office. I’m working on creating an efficient operation here and currently I’m making sure our CARES Act spending reports are turned in to the state on time, so we can avoid any problems on that end.”

Benson, a Belton native, received an Associate’s Degree in Computer-aided design and Drafting from Brown Mackie College, a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Central Missouri and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Purdue University Global.

“Prior to my appointment to the position of county auditor I received my degrees and worked in retail for the most part. I began with the county in 2016 with the public administrator and then in September 2019, I began with Rick Brattin’s (auditor’s) office. That is where I learned a lot about how this position is supposed to operate,” Benson said.

Brattin made the recommendation to the governor.

“Rick (Brattin) helped me find my way in the office when we worked together. I really aim to bring the same style he maintained in the office which is honesty and transparency.

“We share many of the same opinions, ideas and thoughts so we built a strong relationship,” Benson said.

“He helped me gain education and experience in this position so I can continue the success he created in the office.”

Benson said the transition to a new position was easy to manage because of his experience. “Because I’ve seen how county offices work after being involved in them for a few years, I looked at this opportunity as one in which I could make a difference. I saw the county spending and said, ‘If I can come into office, I can control the way we spend money’,” Benson said.

“I want to see the county spend money wisely because I, myself, am a taxpayer and I also want to maintain the success that came before me.”


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