City sets fee schedule for utility hookups

By Dennis Minich

In recent months, the Harrisonville Board of Aldermen have been discussing requirements and fees to help promote growth in the city. One issue which has been frequently noted is impact fees and connection charges to the city’s utilities. Often cited by builders for avoiding work in the city were the impact fees and how the city arrived at the charges.

Monday night, the aldermen approved new connection fees for water, sewer and electrical which are the result of rate studies and are hoped to provide clear information for developers of residential or commercial construction.

“The No. 1 issue when talking to builders was the impact fees. No one knew how we arrived at the figures. Now we will have clear rates and now they can be put on line so anyone can check the fees,” Mayor Judy Bowman said.

While there will be a variety of fees depending on the size of meters or lines, some of the basic fees are: Water: 5/8- x 3/4-inch residential is $440; 3/4-inch commercial minimum $660.

Sewer: 5/8-inch residential $510; 3/4-inch commercial minimum $760.

Electric: residential – upgrade electric service $75 per meter overhead installation (first 125 feet) $250; commercial Electric Service $1,000 per meter overhead installation (first 125 feet) $1,500 residential underground installation (first 125 feet) $400 per meter.

The board also voted to accept an agreement with Harrisonville Villas about the stub for Timber Drive to connect the development with adjoining land. The city and developers have been at odds for three years since the developers requested to not build the connection. The city voted on the request and while the vote failed, it was said to have passed and the issue has been in the hands of attorneys for more than 18 months.

City Attorney Steve Mauer said the agreement brings an end to the discussions with a positive outcome. The Villas developers have agreed to build the connection within two years or sooner if the adjoining land sells and developers want access to the property. To secure the agreement, the developers provided the city with a letter of credit which would allow the city to complete the construction and be paid by the developers.

The board also adopted a new ordinance banning ATVs and UTVs on city streets. Police Chief John Hofer explained the county has started selling permits for the vehicles in the county, but they are not allowed in the city. The new ordinance will allow the police to stop and cite drivers of such vehicles in the city.

The board also approved an ordinance outlining the rules for “block parties.” In a related discussion, the board authorized the police department to close five blocks of Pearl Street on Halloween to allow trick or treaters safe passage in the area.

The board was told by City Administrator Brad Ratliff that Aldi’s Stores is in the process of applying for a building permit for its future store on Westchester Lane. He said construction is scheduled to begin in January.

In other business:

• The board voted to approve the appointments of Gina Smith, Debbie Wood and Kevin Wood to the TIF Commission and Bill Mills to the board of zoning adjustment.

• The board also approved the appointment of Alderman David Doerhoff and Economic Development Director Jim Clarke to the Towne Center Transportation Development District, filling an empty seat and replacing Alderman David Dickerson. Dickerson commented later in the meeting he was unaware he was being replaced until seeing it on the agenda.