City crews headed to Louisiana

With Hurricane Laura being predicted to hit Louisiana and Texas, the call for help has already gone out.

With the storm expected to wreak havoc on electrical systems in both states, the Harrisonville Electric Department will send both staff and equipment to Alexandria, Louisiana, as part of a mutual aid request through the Missouri Public Alliance.

According to a news release Tuesday from the city of Harrisonville, staff will ride out the storm with local utility crews and first responders and then quickly get to work, restoring power to those hit hardest by the powerful storm.

The release state, “the city of Harrisonville is proud of the sacrifice our staff will be making as they brave dangerous conditions to meet a vital need for those in the storm’s path. Throughout our history, Harrisonville has always been a community ready and willing to lend a hand when a community is facing hardship. This opportunity to partner with the City of Alexandria is no different.”

Hurricane Laura is expected to make landfall early Thursday morning near the Louisiana and Texas border. The storm is then forecast to push up through eastern Texas and west-central Louisiana and all the way into northern Arkansas.

If Laura were to reach major hurricane status, at least a Category 3 storm, it would produce wind speeds in excess of 110 mph.


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