Tax sale goes old school

Cass County Collector of Revenue Chris Molendorp will return to an earlier time for the annual delinquent tax sale to be held Monday, August 24th. Last week, Molendorp announced the sale will not be held indoors, but will be conducted from the lawn and north steps of the courthouse.

“Out of an abundance of caution, I’ve decided to move the sale, rain or shin, to the north steps of the courthouse. Sometimes the old-fashioned ways of doing things still work. Fresh air and the ability to spread out will make for a great sale,” Molendorp said. Moving the sale outside will not change any of the laws that govern the annual tax sale. “Potential bidders are still required to register by Aug. 21 and any property that remains delinquent will still be offered. We are simply going outside instead of using the second-floor courtroom. This is how it was done for decades in this state and we’re going to do it again,” Molendorp said.

In addition, the city of Harrisonville has granted Molendorp’s request to close
Pearl Street that morning to accommodate witnesses, staff and bidders. For more information about the annual delinquent tax sale, visit or email Molendorp at


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