Sherwood School damaged in storm

Sherwood R-8 School at Creighton sustained damage to the building’s roof, the elementary library and seven classrooms during Monday morning’s storm.

Superintendent Steve Ritter posted a video on the school’s Facebook page, giving viewers an overview of the storm’s aftermath.

“We didn’t have any students here, of course. But we had people from SFE food service, some teachers, bus drivers, and administrators in the building. But everyone’s OK.”

According to Ritter, storm winds pulled up the roof over the elementary library allowing a “ton of water” to pour in and damaging books and computers. On the roof itself, numerous HVAC units were dislodged, blown around and tipped over.

In the northern part of the building, seven classrooms were damaged when that roof was also lifted, allowing more rainwater to stream in.

“We lost a lot of ceiling tiles and learning materials. But luckily, teachers had already come in several weeks ago and packed their classrooms.”

By Monday afternoon, workers from Delta Roofing, Kansas City, were on site as well as ServPro of Harrisonville to start the restoration process.