Local author published in popular book

By Dennis Minich

When you suffer an embarrassing moment, you can hang your head in shame or you can do like Corrie Lopez of Garden City did, and share the news with the world.

Lopez has a short story in the latest edition of “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Laughter is the Best Medicine.” Her story titled, “Looking Good,” is featured in a chapter titled, “Laughing at Ourselves.”

Lopez said the story is about an event which happened to her in 2018. She
wrote the story the following year and submitted it for the book.

It is the second time she has been published in the book’s series. The first was in 2015 in a story about her father’s volunteer efforts. She will be published a third time when the next book in the series comes out this fall.

Lopez said she just loves to write.

“I responded to ads looking for writers. I got involved with
“Chicken Soup” and I really enjoy working with them,” she said.

Her compensation for her efforts is $200 and 10 copies of the book, likely not enough to let her quit her day job as a teacher and coach at the Training Center Christian School.

She said she is also preparing to publish two small books she has written. One is a spiritual book and the second is more politically motivated.

“I am working to get them published on Amazon,” she said.

The “Chicken Soup” anthology consists of more than 250 books which have sold over 110 million copies in the U.S. and Canada. “Laughter is the Best Medicine” is available now.