City budget set for final vote

By Dennis Minich

The Harrisonville Board of Aldermen will vote Monday night on the city’s 2020 budget.

The city’s general fund is projected to bring in $8.27 million next year with expenses projected at $8.6 million, meaning the city will have to take more than $300,000 from the reserve funds.

Law enforcement and animal control is the largest line item in the budget at $3.3 million, or about 47 percent of the budget.

Administrative services will cost the city about $1.8 million, while streets, sidewalks and storm drainage will cost $859,000.

Among the capital expenditures for the year are $102,000 for two new police cars, and $71,000 will be allocated for crosswalk flashers and a locker room in the police department.

An additional $76,000 is budgeted for major purchases for the street department, including a wash bay and new salt spreader.

Only two personnel changes are anticipated: an economic development director position, and the city administrator’s assistant will become a full-time job.

The city will also be adding the Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday holiday as a paid day off for staff, which will cost the city about $11,000.

The city’s electric fund is budgeted with a $2.75 increase base rate, making it $7 per customer. The fund is expected to generate $13.1 million with expenses exceeding $12.1 million.

No increase is budgeted for water next year; however, the sewer portion of customer’s bills will see a rate increase. The

higher cost will be based on consumption, but should total between $5 and $20 per month. The fund will generate $5.35 million with expenses of $4.5 million.

It is anticipated that some major expenses for sewer plant updates will hit in the near future, so the fund has adjusted to increase the reserves in anticipation of the added costs.

The emergency services fund will receive about $4 million, including $738,000 from the general fund.

The refuse fund, which is a direct pass through, will receive $606,805.

The park fund is expected to receive $531,870, including a transfer of $246,000 from the general fund.

The aquatic center is budgeted for $189,000, including $25,000 from the general fund.

The community center fund is expected to generate $2.1 million, with $20,000 coming from the general fund.

The budgets were read for the first time at the meeting on Nov. 4.

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