A little optimism that spring is here

By Dennis Minich

Although winter still seems to be putting some final attempts in to remain relevant, it appears we might have finally turned the corner into spring.

Last weekend’s rain showers did include some flakes of snow, but perusing the papers from a year ago, the cold and snow then was much more significant than this year.

In late April we were still talking about winter storms, and by mid-May, we were already in the grips of summer heat, so here’s hoping that for a change we maybe can enjoy a real spring this year.

My DVR was in serious danger of running out of room. I mean, the thing can only hold about 200 hours of programming, so it was time I took some preventive measures and started watching some of the stuff I have recorded over the winter.

Some shows I have a lot of episodes of. Others, I am only a few weeks behind. But as I have been trying to catch up, the thing I have noted was how many times there were winter advisories or days when schools were closed. I think I watched 20 hours of recorded TV last week and I would guess there were less than five hours when school closings or weather advisories were not scrolling across the screen. But it’s finally spring and soon the worries of ice storms and sub-zero temps will give way to severe-weather warnings and watching the skies for tornadoes.

Besides the weather, there are signs of spring to be found. For example, baseball is underway and, while I haven’t taken a trip out to Kauffman Stadium yet, the very fact the season has begun provides thoughts of lazy summer evenings engulfed in some baseball.

Another sign of spring is the upcoming prom season. It all kicked off Saturday night with the Adult Prom fundraiser at the Harrisonville Community Center.

I enjoyed watching the festivities. One of the things I noticed is how, for a bunch of adults, the party seemed eerily similar to the good old junior high dances. On one side of the room were all of the women dressed up for a night out – lip syncing the tunes and swaying to the music, just wanting the husband or boyfriend or random guy to ask them to dance. On the other side of the room were all of the guys who were just mingling amongst themselves, a few were even running around playing grab-ass like a group of 14-year-olds.

The major difference between the prom and the dances of old was the guys were hanging around where the booze was. So, I have to give them something of a pass on that one.

Also, ironically, the older folks have been watching and are now imitating their kids. Throughout the night, different groups took time to go sit and check out the latest on their phones. I think a few of the folks never left their table, simply sitting there watching their smart phones the entire evening. And to think they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

It has been a few weeks since daylight saving time kicked in and it is finally having an impact. Instead of getting dark before 7 p.m., it remains light later into the evening, giving me much more time to look at my yard and fret about all of the twigs and limbs which must be picked up before waking the old lawn mower from its winter hibernation.

I write this prior to Tuesday’s election and, of course, you are reading this after the election, so I can’t tell you much about the election you don’t already know. I do know I have never witnessed a city election where so many were eager to just have it over with.

Campaign burn-out is a common event during national elections, but rarely if ever does it strike in local campaigns.

My only hope, looking to the future, is that everyone will please take their campaign signs down. I know according to city statute they don’t have to, but I think the whole area might brighten up a little bit if we could just get the darn things taken down. Besides, the signs could be blocking the sun from getting to your yards and how can you possibly hope to have a good crop of dandelions if they can’t get some sun.

Those are the kinds of things you have to worry about when spring arrives.

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