Voters to decide ballot issues Tuesday

When voters go to the polls Tuesday, not only will candidates for a variety of offices be on the ballot, but several propositions will be in place in a number of areas.

One likely affecting the most voters in the area is a $1.6 million bond issue requested by the Central Cass Fire Protection District. It is advertised as a “no tax increase” initiative, as the bonds would be paid for by extending a 15-cent tax which is already in place.

The original bonds were issued in 2006 to pay for the construction of Station 3. The bonds also paid for two engines and a tanker.

The primary use of the new bonds will be to renovate or replace Station 1. The facility on the East Outer Road in southwest Harrisonville was built in 1979 and temporary living quarters were added in 2006. Additionally, Chief Jimmy Sebree said additional items which could be funded would include emergency generators for the stations, fixing parking lot issues and updating some apparatus. He said a new ambulance could potentially be included.

“The patrons have been very generous with us and I think we have been very diligent with the funds we receive, to get as much for the money as we can. The department has been managed the growth and added staffing and I think we’ve done a good job of performing within our means,” Sebree said.

If passed, the current property tax and personal property tax levels would remain the same, but the payments on bonds would be extended from 2022 to 2029.

Drexel R-4 School District

The Drexel School Board is requesting $1,350,000 for a variety of renovations at the school. Included in the work would be a complete roof replacement, heating, ventilation and air conditioning upgrades, as well as other renovations.

The district would issue bonds for the work and the levy would increase 10 cents per $100 assessed valuation. The current levy is 96.72 cents per $100.

Sherwood R-8 School District

The Sherwood School District is requesting an increase in the operating tax levy ceiling for the district. The increase being requested is 87 cents per $100 assessed valuation and is needed for operating costs for the district.

If approved, the district’s operating tax levy ceiling is estimated to increase from $3.40 to $4.27 per $100 assessed valuation.

Freeman and Lake Winnebago

Both Freeman and Lake Winnebago are seeking approval of ordinances which will allow the cities to not hold annual elections if the number of candidates filing for offices is equal to the number of positions available. The proposal would save the cities the cost of elections when there are no contested races.

Several entities in the county already operate under this same kind of arrangement.

For example, the Harrisonville School Board is not having an election next week because the number of candidates filed is equal to the number of positions open.

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